Book Review-The Temple of Django Database Performance

Generate Generators Repeatedly
Hack a generator to produce results repeatedly.

Crack the Code
A fun challenge for the weekend.

Level Up Your Python Code Reviews
A guide to more Pythonic code reviews

Notes on the book Clean Architectures in Python
Brain-dump from my reading of the book

Are University Towns Housing Prices Less Affected by Recession?
Data Analysis & Hypothesis Testing on a dataset to find answers to posed questions

Cross Join in Pandas
An ugly work-around to make cross joins work in Pandas

Geocoding places using Google Geocode API in python
A useful code snippet for data visualisation work.

Infographic- Mob Attacks and Lynching on Muslims in India in Recent Times.
An interactive visualization of made with dash by plotly

Scraping Wikileaks for Hillary Clinton Emails related to Bangladesh
A hobbyist work on scraping and data journalism