Spring MVC Primer Part 1

Spring MVC leverages the MVC ( Model-View-Controller) architecture to provide a framework for building web applications in java. This framework makes it easy to modularize the code for views, data and business logic while providing the high level efficiency of Java. The basic division of work is as follows: •... [Read More]

Geocoding places using Google Geocode API in python

For a recent project, I had to get latitudes and longitudes of a lot of places given in a csv file. So, I looked for a quick hack and found Google’s geocoding API the coolest one around. If you’re working with pandas dataframes you can follow along the exact same... [Read More]

Spark 2.0 Concepts

What is spark: Data processing engine for ease of use, speed and advanced analytics on big data. Spark key terms: Spark Cluster Spark Master Spark Worker Spark Executor Spark Driver Spark Sessions and Spark Contexts Spark Apps, Jobs, Stages and Tasks Brief Overview: A cluster consists of the above stated... [Read More]

Functional Programming Concepts

Purity Pure functions only operate on its input parameters. No side effects. Immutability There are no variables in FP Loops are implemented via recursion Higer Order Functions Higher order functions take functions as parameter or returns a function or does both. Closure A closure is a functions scope kept alive... [Read More]