Shell Function for Pulling PRs

Fetching PRs opened by others for reviewing or testing new functionalities is a common task. Generally, you’d do the following for this: git fetch upstream pull/<PR_NUMBER>/head:<BRANCH> && git checkout <BRANCH> Typing this everytime can soon become irritating and you can’t have an alias for it because PR number and branch... [Read More]

Notes on the book Clean Architectures in Python

Recently I came across a book on clean architecture focusing on Python. I was looking for something like this and got it on Leanpub for free. You can get the book from here. What follows is a bullet point list of notes I made while reading the book. TDD Test... [Read More]

Cross Join in Pandas

Pandas is a neat tool and covers nearly all operations you need for data analysis. However, a cross join feature is missing from the current API. Although computationally expensive, at times, we need to do a cross join between dataframes, well, at least I needed it recently. So, I quickly... [Read More]

Spring MVC Primer Part 2

Controllers • We can use class level mapping as well as method level mapping. • We can use URI templating, matrix variables and requestparams for dynamic url binding. • Controller methods deal with incoming requests. Forms • Form-backing beans are used to bind form data to bean objects. • We... [Read More]